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On June 26, 2016 my husband ended his life. I know he didn't want to die. The medication he was taking took away all his feelings and emotions, he told us how lost he was. Your writing conveys exactly what my son and I have said so many times these past weeks. IF ONLY we had known he was falling into despair and thinking about suicide. I know in those brief minutes from him taking the gun to leaving, and then killing himself, he thought it wass the best answer, that he was a burden. But, like you, nothing we could have had to go through due to his illness compares to the devastation of not having him with us anymore. I can't imagine what life is going to be without him. He was the love of my life for 31 years. He was the best friend to my son, the hero to our daughters and his grandchildren. All of us are so broken, and in pain. My husband believed right until the end the "God has a plan" He believed God would deliver him from his anguish. Right now, I find it hard to believe.


Your writing touches my heart. I lost my husband, and my children lost their father, to suicide several years ago. Of course, in that moment, all of our lives changed forever. I admire you for speaking up, for speaking OUT. My family has also been very open about the disease that claimed this dear man's life and refuse to be ashamed. He would never have died this way if he had been healthy. I am so sorry for your tragic loss.


We lost my dad to suicide April 14 last year. Your words resonate very strongly with me. We will be with our fathers again one day, in a better place, without any more suffering. I know this doesn't take the pain away though. I'm sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you. Thank you for sharing

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