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Paula jones

Lovely that you made new life and had comfort from being a dad. We have to keep moving on my son passed away 18months ago and his birthday was last weekend. We celebrated his birthday as we did and still do now he's passed away. Afterwards I felt angry because everything goes on as normal and he would have been 29 yrs of age. It just seems so unfair that he took his life from us. We have to keep remembering the happy memories that's all we can do and he is still with us in spirit very much until we meet again in heaven again and I will be having a few choice words to say to him I can tell you ! When we meet again.


Wow such a beautiful story of heartbreak and endurance and love. I wept through it all. Alan's passion for wanting to help people in need and not finding that with his work at a top law firm really struck a chord with me. Sometimes I wonder about the pressure I put on my son to go back to school. Brings back the guilt but I think I need to grow in that area, your story has touched me greatly

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