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Molly Saxena

Thank you for your post. I am almost reaching the 1 year mark of my father's passing. I truly wonder if this pain will become bearable. There is a deep emptiness in me I can't even begin to describe. PTSD symptoms were strong a few months ago but those feelings have subsided. Now there is distant pain and silence. So much silence that the thought of opening my mouth to speak is exhausting. My father was my hero and my friend. I miss him terribly.

Loni Fenton

It's been one year and 8 months since I lost my husband of 26 years. The first year I was in a total fog and one day I woke up and reality set in that he was truly gone. It's hard to explain all of the emotions that have run through me over this time. I know now that I have to deal with the loss however, I still think it's easier as time progresses. I will always love him but I also know that I must move forward. That's what he would want for me.

Louise monaghan

Yes second year was much harder for me too. The shock was wearing off but not the disbelief . Reality had set in . It was so incredibly painful and I actually think I was probably more susceptible to being sucicidal myself that year as well . Friends had got back to normal life, the kids were out and about with friends. I sat alone many nights on my own with my loyal dog. God I never wish to feel or go through that again .

Charlotte Jones

Thank you for sharing. It's been 4 years next week. The first year was a complete fog in which I was in survival mode and functioning. The 2nd year PTSD hit me like a ton of bricks out of nowhere. Since then it has been a fight for my life dealing with reality and greif. I just keep trying to move forward day by day. Never gets easier emotionally but pushing to live and enjoy every simple good thing in life with God has helped. I miss my X every single day. Hard to believe he is gone but he lives in me ...His humor, love, guidence, kindness, creativity. All of it lives on in me. I'm a better person to have had 14 years together. I am forever changed having lost him the way it happened. Much love to all going through this.

Michele Williams

This was a great article. My son died on 2/14/2011 so I am 6 years in to this journey. This article describes exactly the way it has been for me. At this point, it is sometimes hard for me to grasp the fact that I will always have the sense of loss with me. Quite often, I would just like for it to go away. I just try to keep it slightly tucked away and not so much in my face. Overall, it has become more bearable over time.


It's been 3 years. The first and second years were hard, but the first even more. We moved out of state 2 months after the death of our 18 year old daughter. Away from family and friends. It was for my husband's work that we moved but for me, it was like running away. But I couldn't run away. It was right there even stronger. Every new person I met always asked "the question"...do you have children? I would answer I had 2 girls. Sometimes people caught it and sometimes not. The 3 rd year was easier and I could finally talk about her and what happened not without tears, but without the painful tightness in my throat and the barrage of tears that would inevitably come.

Sophia Masada

Wow. Powerful. I too, have felt the 2nd year was tougher than the first. The only way I can explain to others is this: the first year, everyone was rallying around me. My friends made sure every weekend was filled with something so I was always doing something. Don't get me wrong, I still cried every hour/day, but I was so busy that it made my head spin. The 2nd year came and it seemed like everyone thought "I was better" and they went back to their lives, it left me alone and I was faced to deal with my grief by myself. It wasn't until the 3rd year that I had finally seen the light and boy, did I embrace it!

Dawn H Frederick

Thank you so much for sharing. I lost my little sister on 10-23-15 and am just lost still. The second year is more difficult for me but less "hard" like you describe. Stay strong and true to yourself.

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