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Susan, your words hit so close to home for me. My husband and I lost our oldest son nine years ago tomorrow. I truly believe the only thing that kept us going was our younger son. Without him, there would have been no purpose to going on ourselves.

And, yes, we are still together after nine years, and like you, I believe our marriage is stronger because of it. We are both "damaged" and will never get over what happened, but we totally understand what others can not possibly identify or empathize with. How could they? It's a nightmare no parent should ever experience.

I am so sorry for your loss, and I wish you and your husband continued strength as you move forward.

Judy Shelton

Thank you Susan for your inspiration and courage.
My son Will has been gone five month now. And it's just now that my husband is understanding some of my meltdowns and the new life we are living.Being his stepfather,I didn't think he was feeling sad, angery and lost the way I was. But the more I Understand that he's grieving for me and the step son he loved as his own, the more I have found someone to share this unimaginable pain , loss, and loneliness. Yes, we're both different now, And I hope someday, together we will find joy in the family we have left. It's still too soon, to fresh, to painful to know what ugly emotion will show up next. Following suicide survivors sites and support groups has really helped me. I know I'm not alone.

Susanne Pachl

You spoke from my heart . But it's been a little over 4 months for us . I'm still in the fog and it just hurts so much . I cry all the time and my husband has built a wall around himself . I cannot talk about our daughter because he want to remain in those walls of being ok 😭😭😭

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