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I once was so organized and able to accomplish so much..my days are now filled with what I call "floating" and what you explain as unable to "focus". I shared my life and heart with my husband for 31.5 years...the emptiness is huge. My dogs and I often sit and wait for his return and we are still in our shock as he has only be gone from earth for less than 3 months. Finding a "new normal" is not going to be an easy journey. I wish us all peace as we go thru this together.


I understand those words, those feelings all to well. I wish I didn’t. I wish you didn’t.


I love this I just do. It is so sorrowful and so full of thought. I read it often and I see the loneliness. It describes so much about the author and their lost one. I feel I'm watching a movie without words..... just watching a lonely soul going through the motions.

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