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Having been in that most painful and dark place, IF the person sees no other way, there is nothing we can do to help or stop. My boyfriend killed himself last week. I know how much pain he was in, i am glad he is no longer in that pain. I miss and will always love him. I wish i could have helped hom ser there was more, but really it would have only prolonged the inevitable. After all, we'll all die some day.


Thank you for writing this. My sister ended her life last August, and this platitude has been dropped many times since. It's pithy - a clever sound byte. While it may fit some people's belief system, I find it decidedly unhelpful. Can anyone truly know what's true for another person? I surely cannot. Take a moment to really listen to the words. Are they compassionate words? Will the phrase bring tenderness and understanding to someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one to suicide? Do the words sound caring and loving? Perhaps they do to someone, but not to me. Instead, the phrase seems imbued with judgement, harshness, impatience. The words lack empathy. Please - if this phrase is all you can think of to say to someone considering suicide or grieving someone's death by suicide, re-consider before you speak the words. Choose again. This time, offer a listening ear or a shoulder to weep upon. Offer your presence instead of a catchy phrase. Thanks.

Cindy F.

I agree wholeheartedly. It is to simplify something so powerful as to put a person in a place where Suicide feels like the best option. That is a whole lot of pain and hopelessness. At that point a person most likely has lost the ability to reason. Thank you for pointing out the reality of the “phrase”.

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