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Dear Laura,

I was moved greatly by your letter to your Brother. Thank you for sharing your intimate experience. You are not alone. The feelings you share in you letter touched me. Beautiful Souls- Suffer No More.


Dear Laura: Your letter is beautiful almost beyond words; beyond describing. The love you have is great and deep.I suffer from depression too and took an overdose but survived and am grateful most of the time.I am now 59 and always feel sorrow when someone young is lost through suicide. When life became a hardship for me my family pulled away from me but I found love with others and I am thankful.BLess you always, Don.

Joan Kaneshiro

Dear Laura,

You said something profound and I must comment on it. "it feels like you have taken my past with you..." That's it. That's how I feel. I lost my brother in 2012.

Warmly, Joan

laura habedank

Don, I am glad you are still here with us. Thanks for sharing!! -Laura

laura habedank

Joan, I am so sorry for your loss as well. I'm glad you connected with the letter in some way. I have a blog I started where I keep all the letters I continue to write to him if you are interested: http://letterstobrianblog.wordpress.com/

Keep in touch!


Laura, I lost my brother too. our stories seem so so similar. A day at a time, friend & you are not alone :) I would have rather of met you so many other places than here, but, I am encouraged by your openness and honesty- its the key to healing I think!! Thanks for sharing, I know it had to of taken a lot :)


Misti Conlrich

Laura,as usual, your letters to Brian are beautiful and heartfelt. So good to find your memorial to him on here. I'm going to put one together for Chris. (((HUGS)))


" I know it wasn't a compulsive choice you made but rather the culmination of years and years of battling a crippling depression and you held on as long as you could -- for us. "

this really helped me deal with my loss, thank you for sharing this moving letter to your brother with us. Know that you are helping many by speaking out about your painful experience.

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I may have lost my brother, my sister, my parent, my child, my friend, my spouse, my partner ... but I am alive.   I am a survivor of the dark night of unspeakable loss, of my own darkness and ... I am alive.

I am unwilling to stand idly by and allow shame to defeat love or silence to defeat action.  I stand for the enlightenment of a society that would hide from suicide ... and I am alive.

I am unwilling for my perseverance to be in vain.Unwilling for the passing of my loved one to be in shame. I loved them more than I loved myself and their life will have meaning in my action.  I am alive.

In a world blinded by the pursuit of pleasure, I am here to say that people are in pain. In a world rushing to get ahead, I am here to say that people are being left behind.In a world obsessed with the value of the market, I am here to speak for the value of life ... and I'm alive

This will be no quiet fight. I am the voice of audacity in the face of apathy. I am the spirit of bravery in a world of caution. I am a commitment of action in the face of neutrality.

I am into the light and I am alive."

Dan Pallotta at the Out of the Darkness Suicide Awareness Walk in DC, 2002

To find your loved one's memorial, click on the letter of his or her last name in the category section below.


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I will carry you with me ...

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 Memorial Tattoos

"I'll cry with you,"
she whispered
"until we run out of tears.
Even if it's forever.
We'll do it together."

There it was . . . a simple
promise of connection.

The loving alliance of
grief and hope that
blesses both our breaking
apart and our coming
together again.

Molly Fumia, Safe Passage